George Carlin’s 9 rules for success

georgecarlinI haven’t admired many people throughout my life, mostly because I haven’t been an avid reader or a curious person who gets through all sorts of information just for the sake of getting to comprehend things better. I’ve been the opposite: a lazy person, and I’m getting sick of it, almost literally speaking, my body is decaying; physically, I feel old and I’m just twenty-something, and it’s time for me to wake up. It’s been frustrating to open my eyes every morning knowing that I’m still the same ignorant wanker ever since I was born.

Even though I hate who I am, I still acknowledge that I have a hidden potential deep inside me — I’m guessing every young adult could still have this hunch, the issue is to act on it as soon as possible and not waste your chances. Yes, we have a great number of chances, not just one. We’re luckier than we thought.

So, I’ve been searching here and there anything that can motivate me to take up on my own pieces of advice. This is when George Carlin comes along; every time I watch his videos I get hyped up. Now, I think it’s fair to say that having success is not becoming a TV star or novelist, though the latter would be my dream, but it’s actually something to do with achieving your own inner desires: little but substantial habits that lead to big accomplishments down the road.

Achieving your dreams takes time, it’s a slow process, but it surely is fulfilling.

So, I’m going to name each and every rule of his and how they can apply to my life.

  1. Find yourself. Get to know who you are, what you like, discover the places you enjoy the most; stuff that cultivate your inner peace and get you moving forward. To me it’s difficult to determine who I am, maybe nobody knows for certain, maybe we’re constantly changing and every one of us is baffled by this demand. As for the things I like and the places I enjoy, I am relieved to know them. So, yes, I’m outlining who I am based on Jumbo Chocolate bars and tree planting.
  2. Train yourself.  Work persistently on your skills. This one is easier to understand. What I love the most is being informed and getting wise. So, reading books, watching documentaries, keeping up with guitar playing, and writing is what I should do. Not bad. I also need to exercise my body. Good stuff always happens to fit people: good casual sex, trips, contests, cheerful friends, and more sex.
  3. Be restless. Keep your chin up and don’t give up on your goals. Sometimes you need breaks, though. Take them! Sleeping and being unruffled is crucial. Do not take life too seriously all the time. I suffer from anxiety and depression, this one is hard to follow but I’ll try my best.
  4.  Organize yourself. This one is essential to remember. Most of the time we go ahead with our goals but forget how to attain them. Folks, we need to schedule our time, especially our spare time. “You’re late again for your daily push-ups, Dave! You’re grounded!”.
  5. Have plans. This one is similar to the previous one, except it’s for future events. Take a glance into the future and have a plan B for every goal you have.
  6.  Don’t take No for an answer. CAUTION! If you’re a macho-man, skip this one! I’m all against rape. If a girl says no, it means no. Period. OK, joking aside (I wasn’t), this rule probably means that  you have to learn how to cope with rejection and frustration; things I’m bad at. George also advises to not give a fuck, and that might come in handy.
  7. Give up things that hurt you. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Yes, it’s not things but people standing in our way that we have to get rid of. But it’s hard to get rid of people when we are emotionally unstable and rely on people to avoid loneliness. But sooner than later you’ll notice you’re probably surrounded by shallow-brained and mindless people. Run away, now.
  8. Have something or someone to live for. This really does work! Just fall in love with some bright person and you’re set! Do you want to be proficient in French? Fall in love with a French girl or guy. You want to quit smoking? Pick out someone who hates smoking! If you can’t find any one, just create an imaginary character and get hung up on them.
  9. Speak from the heart. Have nothing to say for this one. But hey! At least I’m being honest.

Just stay true to yourself, work your way up, and enjoy the ride!

Thank you for reading this post.

I’ll see you next weekend.


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