The striking horror of life varies from person to person, but it’s highly regulated by the degree of distraction we get to experience. We turn to entertainment when we’re caught up in painful chaos or boredom. Impoverished humans seek out distraction, but it comes in small quantities and low-frequency, so that enables them to have a more precise outlook on what life really is. Conversely, affluent people are given a myriad of different kinds of amusement, but fail to fulfill their most inner desires, the reason being that nobody can’t be absolutely content with their life, no matter the possessions, places or partners; it’s simply not possible. Besides, they’ve been living in a bubble most of their lives they can’t even figure out what they truly want.

Yet, wealthy people strive to reach out to that level of fulfillment since they snapped into consciousness. That’s their goal in life: to become happy. In the meantime, people facing thorny problems are always prioritizing survival over satisfaction, but the moment they’re not under unbearable pain, they resort to entertainment as a way out. Hence, both groups constantly avoid the aforementioned existential horror of life, everybody does. Who would be silly enough to think about that kind of stuff on a regular basis anyway? Now, that’s something a person who is neither wealthy nor poor can answer. Middle-class people own philosophy for a reason, do they not?


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